Wednesday, 18th January 2017
Missionaries of the Sacred Heart - Vocations

About Us

What does MSC mean?

MSC are the initials for the Latin words, Missionarii Sacratissimi Cordis,which mean Missionaries of the Sacred Heart.

Who are the MSC?

Fr. Yonys with a youth group in Caracas

We are a group of priests and brothers trying to be and bring the message of God’s love to the world in the life we lead and the work we do. This love is something real and alive – not just a nice idea – the way Jesus makes it real and alive across the pages of the Gospel in the way he treats each person he meets.

Our way of life

Usually living as part of a group or community, we share our talents, time and resources together. Being part of a team means we’re not isolated but have others to support, encourage and challenge us. We live what’s known as religious life, which means a life marked by prayer (personally and as a community), ministries of service and the vows of celibacy, obedience and poverty.

What do we do

Young MSCs from Europe gather annually

Some other groups and orders were set up to do one particular job, like working in schools or with the sick. But we work wherever and however we’re needed.

As an MSC you could be working and ministering in many different ways.

You could be serving the people of a parish, teaching at university or school, sitting with the sick or their family as hospital chaplain, running a youth club, at development work in a mission country, guiding people through a retreat, lending a listening ear as a counsellor, helping people through the high of their wedding day or the low of a bereavement, and many other things in between.

Where do we work?

Being an MSC means working home or away. Active in 54 different countries, we are divided up into manageable areas called Provinces. The Irish Province stretches out to include Ireland, England and Wales, South Africa, Venezuela, Russia and the USA. Missionary work abroad is voluntary but we support each other in what we do in all sorts of ways.


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