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Happy Easter!

Posted on 07. Apr, 2012

When the women went to the tomb early on that Sunday morning one can only wonder what was going through their minds. Only a week earlier Jesus was welcomed into the Jerusalem with cheering and acclamation, as the long awaited Messiah. Now his body was left bruised and broken, hastily buried in a nearby tomb. They must have felt fear, for we are told they traveled early in the morning, just as the sun was rising when no one would be around. They were surely apprehensive at the task ahead of them, as they prepared to anoint the corpse of one they had loved so dearly. What they encountered was beyond their wildest hopes and has changed the course of humanity forever.

We are called to be Resurrection people. We are invited by God to live out our vocation as people filled with the hope of Easter. In the sacrifice of Christ on Good Friday we witness a power stronger than death, a love so profound that it is beyond our comprehension. It’s this love we are challenged to live out each day of our lives. If we look at the women who journeyed to the tomb that Easter morning almost 2,000 years ago we see something of that witness. Their faith, we are told in all four Gospels, is rewarded by making them the first messengers of the Resurrection.

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This Easter let’s follow the example of the women, who didn’t keep the good news of the Resurrection to themselves but shared it with everyone they knew. For this sharing of faith is what it truly means to be a disciple of Christ.

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