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Missionaries of the Sacred Heart - Vocations

4. Could it be me?

Posted on 14. Feb, 2012


Whoever opens his heart to Christ will not only understand the mystery of his own existence, but also that of his own vocation; he will bear the abundant fruit of grace.”
– Pope John Paul II –
Message for the 42nd World Day of Prayer for Vocations

The call to be a priest is not the most common way of life these days. In fact, it never has been! It is not for everyone. But it is for some people the way of life God intends for them to find fulfilment, inner peace and a way of serving others that is unique, challenging and exciting.

As you consider where God is calling you reflect on the following signs of a vocation to the priesthood. They are not a necessary checklist for a vocation, but may be simply indications that God is calling you to consider following Him in a special way. They include:

a. A persistent sense of call by God – a recurring belief that throughout a prolonged period in your life that God is inviting you to serve Him and His people as a priest.
b. The Love of God – a deep desire to devote your life in the service of God’s people.
c. Love of the Good News – an energy and genuine enthusiasm to share the Good News of the Gospel.
d. Love for the Church of Christ – a devotion to the traditions of our faith and a desire to celebrate the Sacraments.
e. A person of prayer – you have a devotion to the place of private, as well as community prayer in your life.
f. A heart that is open – a openness to journeying and supporting others, most especially those in need.


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